Barrabés stand out the value of creating talent in the mountains to generate economic development and sustainable

March 28, 2015
 “In the mountains are already addressing the challenges that the world must rule within 50 years,” has indicated this guru.

“Mountaineers are our nearest knowledge. I was the first in Spain to see on the Internet, in 1993 because a physicist at the Science Center Benasque came to my store to get me to see him. I saw a black screen with a letters, but went with the idea that I had to set up shop on the Internet. The Masai are not idiots, it’s just that they have not studied. ” This anecdote contains a profound yet simple reflection, the entrepreneur and guru of electronic commerce, advisor ‘starups’ worldwide and the only Spanish in DAVOS list, the Benasques Carlos Barrabés, opened the last session CIMA, the international congress of the mountain which is held in the auditorium of the University of Zaragoza.

At this congress is addressing the challenges of mountaineering in the XXI century, but Barrabés has gone further and has focused his presentation on the problems to be resolved planet in this century to achieve sustainable both environmentally and economically world.

Before a packed auditorium of Aula Magna, Barrabés advocates bring talent to the most remote and deprived areas of the world, mountains, which so far have only seen in tourism development model. However, tourism “is an industry first grinding level, which concentrates wealth but extends it. Tourism does not imply complexity or growth in other industries, is an oversimplified industry. We need other players. Our areas are cold, so which can not be built databases where the clouds are stored, and they have to be just outside Madrid with refrigerators, with the cost “Barrabés stated.

In the world’s going on three global basic problems, according to the benasqués-: inequality, instability and sustainability. “Inequality is tremendous in the mountains, the world is coming to cities. 51% of the world population lives in the city, cities are called Smarth city, smart cities, and towns, forgotten. The villages where it is generated tourism are giving much inequality as is happening in Nepal, and is something that will accompany us throughout the century “afirrma.

As for the instability, Barrabés recalled that the twentieth century began with war, which was followed by a period of cold war and “now in the XXI century, the problems are parked, like Syria, where we let them kill. And where people can park? In the mountain areas. The hot spots are concentrated in the mountain areas, because from there and can not get out, and is the place where nobody wants to go, it is the last place where a Human wants to take refuge. ”

Sustainability “in mountain areas population means there is no possibility of living without population in the mountains. His challenge will be to respond to the world’s problems.” According Barrabés, the mountains are a laboratory where they are experiencing to get the three spheres of sustainability: people living with the planet, and profit. “In mountain areas facing problems to be resolved by the world within 50 years. The work, access and community are the three objectives of inclusive economy. Claiming the community is claiming the idiosyncrasies and continuity in the mountains will fight well and will open the way to many cities as ever, “says Barrabés.

Talent is the key to development

But how to promote economic and sustainable development in the mountains? To Barrabés the key is to attract talent and build more schools and to set medium-term approaches “as do women of the mountains”.

And assert a common identity to become product with which to compete in globalization “but with our standards and values.” “People who work in the mountains are content, you must understand that, we must build our meanings. People want content, because we have content that benefit both to themselves and to others. That is called innovation, and that I do small firms ‘starup’ innovation in new products will make the people of the mountain, and it has a high mortality, has a very large but mountain people we assume the risk, “he stated.

And to accomplish all that is needed funding to create a middle class of entrepreneurs who do not die in the attempt to take in the mountains and give value to their lifestyle, their identity without much risk. “We need more people doing that, but we need financing, you can not gamble all such a dangerous game, you can not bet your house your mother or yours. You must have capital funds to meet those challenges. What we are asking people Mountain is bestial, which is not assumed in other parts of the world, we must create a global or continental bank to finance these projects and they see us as human capacity development, not as a species to preserve, not as Masai to photograph “.

And what role mountaineers in this process of economic development? One very important, the transmitters of knowledge and open windows to the world. “People who came to the mountain has always been a window to the world, a person who comes to the mountain city is a luxury, because it brings knowledge. But the circus and actually do Highlanders are seeing in the theater. No We can go to the mountains to carry trash, every time you go to a place you are teachers, access, there is an individual responsibility. My I have configured all the conversations I’ve had with customers who have come to my shop, and every minute concedéis to a mountain you are giving extreme quality “.

It is also important to professionalize activities through training. “When we have professionalized the mountain and we have transformed talent we have changed things. It is not the same as having a professional guide to a man who accompanies people and that we have experimented with Mountain High School Benasque adhoc professionalization, those of benasque did not invent high mountain school was you, mountaineers “.

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