Day 2


Marino Giacometti reivindicates its identit...

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- You have practically become a legend as the father of skyrunning. Could you tell the course of the organization and development of the sport?


Training and information to prevent acciden...

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Training and information. Those are the keys to prevention in the mountains as the Basque Dr. Kepa Lizarraga. His presentation was the first of the


The rise of skyrunning, safety and impact o...

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The international conference discusses the control of this sports phenomenon that has spread in Spain and around the world Zaragoza. 27.03.15- The evolution of mountain


Where the land meets the sky

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The rise of running, safety and impact on the natural environment for discussion at the second day of CIMA The evolution of mountain races in


CIMA stands out the need of sports to conci...

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The impact that leaves mountaineering between rural society and its environmental conditions were two of the leading issues addressed in the afternoon at the first


The international federation of mountaineer...

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CIMA has become the provisional seat for this weekend UIAA international federation and mountain climbing. Its executive committee met Thursday to prepare the strategy during