Presidents of Active Tourism companies in E...

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Herman Smulder, President of “Confederation of Outdoor Employers” (European federation of active tourism), Ignacio Alonso, President of “Spanish Association of Active Tourism” (ANET) and Paulo


What will happen to the organizations of mo...

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The current reality and future prospects of federations or associations of mountaineers will be another issue to be addressed in CIMA2015. To do this there


The International Mountaineering Congress, ...

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The International Mountaineering Congress, CIMA2015, to be held in Zaragoza from March 26th to 28th will address the situation and perspectives of hiking, an activity


Environmental control of the mythical mount...

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The overcrowded visit expeditions, climbers or hikers to certain mountain causes environmental damage that must be controlled to prevent deterioration of fragile mountain ecosystems. One