CIMA 2015 meet in Zaragoza mountaineers from five continents

December 31, 2014

The international Congress of mountaineering, CIMA2015, represents the first time that athletes of different mountain sports (climbing, skiing, canoeing, etc.), along with scholars, experts from the effects of mountaineering in rural development or in protected areas and representatives of organizations of mountaineers from around the world will gather to discuss how mountaineering  contributes to the welfare of our society and as mountaineering will develop during this century.

In the various roundtables and conferences that make up the program CIMA2015 ( )will participate different experts in various fields coming from almost all the countries where mountaineering is practiced.

A simple mode button, we can mention some of them. Ang Tshering Sherpa (Nepal), president of the Nepal Mountaineering Federation and advisor to the Ministry of Sports of Nepal, presented the environmental management on the environment of Everest. Karl Gabl (Austria), meteorologist at the institute of Meteorology and Geophysics-University of Innsbruck, will speak on how performs and weather forecast in real time is transmitted to expeditions today. Christine Pae (Korea), manager of the Korean Federation of Mountaineering, tell us how mountaineers clubs are organized in Asia. Juan Carlos González (Polartec, USA), show the new fabrics and materials developed for the sport of mountaineering in extreme conditions. TBC, depending on its commitments, the presence of athletes in populatiry as Kilian Jornet, etc.

A total of over 100 speakers from over 40 countries will participate in CIMA2015 to be held in Zaragoza between 26 and 28, March 2015. You can already register.

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