Claim journalism and authentic mountaineering

March 29, 2015
The coverage of mountaineering in the media has been one of the latest round tables CIMA Congress and met the head of communications for the FEDME, Francesc Estorach, the director of the Digital Magazine, Darío Rodríguez, and the creator of the television program and popularizer Sebastian Alvaro.

Claiming authenticity both mountaineering and journalism has been the backbone of this table and apply new technologies given the potential to raise awareness and disseminate mountaineering.

Responsible for communicating the FEDME has lectured on the evolution of the information generated by the federation and how they are adapting to new technologies and social networks.

In the current digital revolution, FEDME about spreading his activity between 98,000 federal and attract new fans climbing through the use of social networks. “The information at this time is different for every moment and every place, there is not one, not only for all unidirectional information. There are a multitude of ways. We no longer use a message in one format, the information is tailored to each medium that translates and filters the information according to the user, “he said.

The communications officer pointed out that in the XXI century “technology is changing us. Our way to communicate, to understand the world and to live has changed. Our interests have nothing to do with what was happening ago and twenty years “. In that sense, considered to be close to these technological forums “be creative and think of the future.
Social communication we have now is very powerful for the federation and clubs can be a very important means but you have resources and means. ”

The director of Slope, the pioneering magazine of mountaineering in Spain (created in 1981 and which has followed an imprint and a digital version), claimed the authentic and quality journalism and “tell stories of life”.

Meanwhile, Alvaro has shared the testimony of one of the best climbers of the twentieth century, Italian Walter Bonatti, who claimed a classic mountaineering “with passion, heart and soul” and where the technique “is the latest”. But these days, Bonatti regretted that mountaineering is just technique. The creator of the television program ‘Al filo de lo imposible’ has remarked that both journalism and mountaineering can not forget the values, honesty, truthfulness. The classic mountaineering, mountain, walking part of a lifestyle choice. What makes us grow is to do the 100 meters in under 10 seconds, loyalty, honesty, in a party of two people, one soul, with degree of commitment that requires climbing and that is sport, but should not only be sport. “In this sense it has been defined as a” classic mountaineering school Bonatti “rather than an athlete running through the mountains or participating in commercial expeditions to Everest” with a base camp of 1,500 people café, pubs and local prostitution and where the government decides where to go the route. ”

About mountaineering, Álvaro claimed that the State strive resources and means dedicated to gender violence and traffic accidents to raise awareness of mountain accidents, which is the crucial issue. And an example is his judgment could be “tiny stories have two or three minutes in which you count how to prepare to go to the mountain”. It has therefore asked the commitment of the TVE and FEDME.

Slope director summarized in this sentence the philosophy of his journal: “Make good quality information as when born Slope is my goal.” “I’m not interested in photography but life. All the technology we have is to transmit life. The stories are everywhere, needless to behold Kilian Jornet or Urko Carmona next. The important thing is to see what is invisible to others Technical issues climbing, the difficulty does not interest me;. I’m interested in human history, feelings, fear has had the climber “said the head of Slope.

Both Rodriguez and Alvaro have criticized the information called “corporation”. The use of social networks and journalists for large commercial brands that sponsor spectacular sporting events. “We are bombarded with information, but there is so much media coverage” has tempered director Slope.

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