CIMA2015 is the name of the International Mountaineering Congress to be held in Zaragoza (Aragon, Spain) on days March 26, 27 and 28, 2015.

Titled “Challenges of Mountaineering in the XXI century”, CIMA2015 is a space for reflection and debate on mountain sports and their contribution to the welfare of our society. Its global, multidisciplinary and international approach ensures the success of CIMA2015, a milestone of mountaineering where they will put all eyes.

Beyond, always beyond
Throughout his more than two centuries of history, this has always been the challenge encouraged to mountaineering. The spirit of achievement and personal knowledge, but also the natural and human environment have stimulated exploration of the mountains and other unknown lands. But the sporting challenge and in good scientific measure, it has always been accompanied by solidarity and complicity with the people living in the mountains. In sum, this is a sports and cultural legacy that mountaineers are heirs and transmitters.

CIMA2015 reflects that witness and takes on the challenge of becoming an international meeting place for mountaineers, researchers, professionals, athletes, companies, administrations, mountain people and all those who are willing to project the mountains and climbing toward the century XXI and beyond.