Presidents of Active Tourism companies in Europe to discuss in CIMA2015

January 12, 2015

Herman Smulder, President of “Confederation of Outdoor Employers” (European federation of active tourism), Ignacio Alonso, President of “Spanish Association of Active Tourism” (ANET) and Paulo Rocha, President of “Portuguese Association Business Conference, Leisure activities and events”, discussed at the roundtable  “The Active Mountain Tourism” at the International Mountaineering Congress, CIMA2015.
The freedom of movement of professionals in the European Union, the reality of business in the early twenty-first century, the situation between sport and tourism, its contribution to mountain communities and the near future that awaits them will be discussed at a roundtable where we are expected to confirm Hanno Dönz, President of the International Union of mountain Guides Associations (UIAGM).

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