Seventy three hundred speakers and attendees participating in Zaragoza in the first international congress of the mountain

March 25, 2015
CIMA brings together key actors and institutions to discuss the challenges of mountaineering in the XXI century

The international mountaineering meets this Thursday and throughout the weekend at the Auditorium of Zaragoza building for discussion at CIMA, the first world congress on the mountain, on the challenges of this sport in the XXI century.

The appointment is organized by the Spanish Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing (FEDME) in collaboration with the Aragonese Mountaineering Federation. During the sessions on Thursday, Friday and Saturday more than three hundred participants from various countries will hear presentations from seventy experts who will address the five main themes of the conference: mountaineering as a sport, its relationship with the environment, society, economic development and issues related to safety and health.

After the opening ceremony, the inaugural conference the Basque mountaineer Alex taught Txikon, (10.00) Newcomer of Nanga Parbat, 8,125 meters, who tried to crown last February. Behind him, involving other elite athletes such as Olympic Victor Lobo or Alberto Ilurrategui, with fourteen eight behind, as well as the emblem of the Aragonese Mountaineering Carlos Pauner. They representatives of companies active tourism, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, academics, meteorologists, agents of the security forces, the presidents of the International Federation of climbing, trail running, mountain ski join, UIAA (International Union of Alpine Associations encompassing all federations mountain in the world), …

“This conference aims to respond to the challenges of mountaineering in the XXI century and for that we have voices from different countries of the world and all sectors related to the mountain, sport, health and safety, sociology, economic, … development, “says the president of the Aragonese Federation of Mountain and vice FEDME, Luis Masgrau. These issues are highly topical issues addressed in our days as security or cost for mountain rescues, the Olympic future of climbing or ski mountaineering, the proliferation of mountain races …

The scientific committee has approved 54 submissions and twelve posters in which issues cited five themes will be addressed.

Meetings of the federeaciones

The conference will also have a practical side to the realization of four workshops will focus on first aid in the mountains, running barefoot on rough terrain, safety canyoning, and new technologies applied to the mountain.

The conference will also host meetings of the governing boards of associations and federations mountain. The UIAA has chosen Zaragoza to bring your board, while the presidents of the federations Mountain Spain will discuss the current situation of mountaineering in our country.

Masgrau considers it an opportunity for Aragon internationally as one of the leaders of mountaineering in southern Europe projected. “When you finish this congress, Aragon, mountain hiking will be inextricably linked in the minds of participants from abroad. The Pyrenees is known but with this conference we want to emphasize that Aragon is mountain climbing and in Spain we are very concerned about these issues, “says the president of the Aragonese federation and national vice president.

Sports activities

Sports activities could not miss this conference. Last Sunday and held a march with about 700 walkers who celebrated the National Day Walker FEDME the region of Valdejalón. And this weekend the first round of the Cup of Spain difficulty be held in absolute and youth level on 28 and 29 March at Dock 39 in Puerto Venecia.

Also Troop Headquarters Mountain “Aragon” I, install a climbing wall in the parking Building Auditorium of the University of Zaragoza, No. 1-3 Closed Doctor. The purpose of this climbing wall is to offer to children a place to practice climbing, guided by professionals Mountain Troop Headquarters.

Exhibition of mountaineering equipment and climbing wall

Coinciding with CIMA2015 is to make a presentation to a representative sample of the Museum of Material Mountain Troop Headquarters Mountain and Mountain Military School and Special Operations (EMMOE) of Jaca, in Captaincy General of Zaragoza, parking Aragon # 9, facing Building Auditorium.


Ronda Communication is responsible for the coverage of the congress CIMA 2015. This has created a website where http://www.cima-online.es be published summaries of each day, press releases, videos, audio clips and photographs. It can be accessed directly through this address or by going to the official website www.cima2015.es.

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