• Kilian Jornet – Mountaineering Ski 2013 and Skyrunning 2014 Wold Champion (Spain).
  • Carlos Barrabés – Global Entrepreneur Related to Mountaineering and Highlander ( Spain ).


Competition in Mountain Sports

  • Angelo Seneci (ITaly). Director of ARCO.
  • Marco María Scolaris (Italy). President of the International Federation of Sport Climbing.
  • Carmen Arnaudas (Spain). Spanish Agency for Health Protection in Sports (AEPSAD).
  • Albert Balcells (Spain). Nature Outdoor events organizer.

Olympism and Mountain Sports

  • Marino Giacometti (Italy) President of the International Federation of Skyrunning, ISF.
  • Urs Stöcker (Switzerland). President of the International Ice Climbing Competition Council-UIAA.
  • Armando Mariotta (Italy) President of the International Ski Mountaineering Federation.
  • Lluís López (Spain). FEDME Manager and ISMF former president.

Mountaineers Organizations in the XXI century

  • Frits Vrijlandt (Holand). President of the International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation, UIAA.
  • Christine Pae (Korea). Manager of the Korean Mountaineering Federation and General Secretary of Assian-UIAA.
  • Josef Klenner (Germany). President of the German Mountaineering Federation, DAV.

Trainning in Mountain Sports

  • Steve Long (United Kingdom). President of Training Standars WG-UIAA.
  • Lázaro Mediavilla Saldaña (Spain) University teacher and Spanish represent ANETA (Spain) for the project European Learning Syllabus for Outdoor Animators.
  • Pedro Cuiça (Portugal). Technical Director of Camp and Mountaineering Federation of Portugal/National School of Mountaineering.
  • Thomas Waibel (Germany) International Commission of Canyoning (CIC-Canyoning)

Other Organizations with activity in the Mountains

  • Francisco Royo (Spain). Federation of Speleology.
  • Víctor Tarodo (Spain). Vicepresident of the International Mountain Bicycling Assotiation, IMBA.
  • Juan Antonio Carrascosa (Spain). Technical Director and Doctor of the Spanish Foundation for Mountaineering and Adapted Sport FEMAD.
  • Victor García (Spain). President of Spanish Orienting Federation.

Mountaineering and Nature Conservation

  • Javier Gómez Limón (Spain). Expert of Europarc-Spain
  • Lode Beckers (Belgium). The Belgian Alpine Club CMBEL, Special Olympics Belgium, WWF Belgium
  • Claude Eckhardt (France). French Federation of Alpine and Mountaineering Clubs FFCAM and UIAA Honorary Member.
  • Goio Larrañaga (Spain). FEDME Skyrunning director.

Mountaineering in Mass Media

  • Darío Rodríguez (Spain). Director of Desnivel Moutain Magazine
  • Thomas Hahr (Switzerland). Marketing and Communication , UIAA.
  • Francesc Estorach (Spain). Communnication Director, FEDME.

Singular Peaks and their management problems

  • Ang Tshering Sherpa (Nepal). President of Nepal Mountaineering Federation NMP , Businessman of “Asian Trekking” and UIAA Honorary Member.
  • Hitoshi Onodera (Japan) Japan Mountaineering Federation JMP responsable of environment.
  • Georges Elziere (France) President of French Federation of Alpine and Mountaineering Clubs FFCAM.

Meteorology on service for Mountain Sports

  • Jean Jacques Thillet (France). Meteorologist expert in Mountain Meteorology.
  • Jofré Janué (Spain). Meteorologist of TV3 and FEDME advisor.
  • Jacob Petrus (Spain). Meteorologist and conducter of “ Aquí la Tierra” TVE program.
  • Ramón Pascual (Spain). Director of Prediction and Monitoring Group-Territorial Delegation AEMET-Cataluña

Hiking, between tradition and modernity

  • Lis Nielsen (Denmark). President of the European Ramblers’ Association ERA.
  • Cristne Merkel (Germany) Director of ‘Let’s go’ program of Deutscher Wanderberband Service.
  • Vicente Zapata (Spain) University teacher and member of FEDME Scientific Advisory Council of the Mountains.
  • Victor Sánchez (Spain) University teacher and member of FEDME Scientific Advisory Council of the Mountains.

Active Tourism in the Mountains

  • Herman Smulder (Belgium) President of European Confederation of Outdoor Employers.
  • Ignacio Alonso (Spain). President of the Assotiation of Active Tourism Companies- ANETA.
  • Paulo Rocha (Portugal). President of the Portuguese Assotiation of Congress Companies, Tourism Animation and Events.
  • Javier Garrido, (Spain), President of Spanish Mountain Guides Assotiation AEGM.

Contributions from Mountaineering to rural development

  • Pier Giorgio Olvetti (Italiy). CAI and UIAA Executive Board member.
  • David Moscoso (Spain). University teacher, Sociology Sport expert and rural development.
  • Sergio Rivas (Spain). Mountain Huts manager in Aragonese Mountain Federation.

Climbing in XXI century

  • Urko Carmona (Spain). Disavility climber, international champion.
  • Anne Arran (UK). Climber and UIAA Management Committee member.

Cafety in the Mountains

  • Jac Loosveldt (Belgium) Professional association of outdoor sports businesses, BFNO
  • Jean Pierre Fosson (France) Secretary of Fondazione Montagna Sicura (Italia).
  • Rafael Olmedo Soler (Spain). Director of Technological Innovation in GEKO NavSat
  • Luis Manuel González Renedo (Spain). Institute for Youth of Castilla and León.
  • Primitivo Hernández Martín (Spain). Tcol. Mountain Service Headquarter, Civil Guard.

Health and Mountain

  • Kepa Lizarraga (Spain) Sport Medical Center. Bizkaia
  • Iñigo Soteras (Spain) Emergency Service. Transborder Hospital of Cerdanya.
  • Franc Mengelle (France) SAMU 31. Toulouse Hospital. Vicepresident of ANMSM.
  • Gregorio Martínez Villén (Spain) Miguel Servet Hospital. Zaragoza