The International Mountaineering Congress, CIMA 2015, will discuss about trails

January 7, 2015

The International Mountaineering Congress, CIMA2015, to be held in Zaragoza from March 26th to 28th will address the situation and perspectives of hiking, an activity with many millions of practitioners in Europe.

Titled “Hiking, between tradition and modernity” intervene for speakers in a round table:

  • Lis Nielsen, President of the European Ramblers Association, which will deal with the situation of trekking in Europe and worldwide.
  • Victor Sánchez, Catholic University of Valencia, author of the first general thesis on the Situation of Hiking in Spain.
  • Christine Merkel, Deutsher Wanderverband coach to explain “Let’s go” program from that Federation on walking and health.
  • Vicente Zapata, Universidad of La Laguna professor, specializing in the relationship between walking and sustainable development.

After their speeches, will be almost an hour for questions and contributions.

But walkers attending the Congress will be interested in other debates, since dominate cross-cutting themes:

  • Organizations of Mountaineers in the XXI century.
  • Mountaineering and nature conservation.
  • Contributions of mountaineering to the rural development.
  • Active tourism in the mountains.
  • Safety on the mountains.
  • Health and mountains.
  • Mountaineering in the media.
  • Meteorology on service to mountain sports.

If you think you can make contributions of interest, it is possible to present a paper or poster. The deadline for submitting a summary of the contributions ending at January 19th, 2015.

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