Tours in Moncayo Natural Park in CIMA 2015

March 12, 2015

On the occasion of the celebration of the International Congress of Mountaineering CIMA 2015 from the Center Moncayo Excursionista coordinate multiple routes through the Moncayo Natural Park, discovering some of the natural and scenic values ​​of this mountain and the challenges it faces for mountaineering harmonize with the natural areas currently protected. We invite you to join us to visit one of the most emblematic mountains of our country, for them we have prepared three routes with different themes and difficulty.

1- Ethnobotanical ITINERARY: (Agramonte-Beech-Source Peña Roya Sacristan-Agramonte)
Time and place of departure: 9:45 am-parking Agramonte.
Distance: 7.5 km
Slope ascent and descent: 320 m

This itinerary will visit two of the most emblematic forest formations of the landscape and of the province of Zaragoza related to glaciation and the influences of the Atlantic climate: the Birch and Beech Agramonte Peñas Royas. Finding our way traditional forestry within the Park.

2- ITINERARY LANDSCAPE (Fuente de los Frailes-Cabeza de la Mata-F. Frailes -Agramonte)
Time and place of departure: 10: 00h-Parking The source of the Friars
Distance: 8.2 Km.
Slope ascent: 310 m.
Elevation drop: 580 m.

This itinerary will reach a coveted vantage of this mountain: the “Cabeza de la Mata” .From there enjoy a spectacular view of Moncayo and its foothills, after descending through the heart of the Natural Park to the Visitor Center Agramonte .

3-ROUTE TO THE REMAINS OF THE UNITED GLACIER (linear travel: Source of the Friars-Shrine of La Virgen del Moncayo-Circo de San Miguel and return.)
Time and place of departure: 10: 00h-Parking The source of the Friars.
Distance: 6.8 Km.
Slope ascent and descent: 700 m.

This linear pathway will allow us to learn more about the geology, glaciology and mountaineering history of this mountain. Still in winter conditions, despite the early spring will visit two of this mountain cirques and approach to their area of ​​peaks to dimensionarnos in what amounts to be the highest elevation in the Iberian.


• The conditions of the mountain be winter should bring appropriate clothing and equipment shelter and some food and water for the route.
• To Route 3 will be mandatory to use crampons and ice ax.
• The routes 1 and 2 have as a point of arrival parking Agramonte where one of the Visitor Center of the Natural Park centers which can be visited and other services.
• The point of arrival for Route 3 will be the source of the Friars.
• Several members of the Center Hiker Moncayo and organization accompany the participants in the itineraries.
• The tours may modify or adapt depending on the conditions of the mountain or the weather.

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